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Mental Health Hospital of Tijuana

Hospital de Salud Mental de Tijuana offers urgent psychiatric attention for children, teens and adults. The main objective is to attend people in need of psychiatric and psychological attention. It is located near the Otay Border Crossing. Address: Boulevard Internacional, 20501, Zona Industrial Otay, Tijuana.  


Excel Medical Center

One of the largest and more recognized medical centers in Tijuana, established 1993. Conveniently located in Zona Rio, just 10 minutes from the border, and very near to everything. Address: Paseo de los Heroes 2507, Zona Rio, Tijuana.


Hotels in Tijuana and Rosarito

When you come for a several day visit to Tijuana or Rosarito, maybe you will be looking for a good hotel to stay, while you are here to receive health treatments. So, here are our recommendations for a comfortable stay   Hotel Marriott Tijuana. It is by far the best…


Dental Procedures in Tijuana

One of the most commonly found services in Tijuana is the dental treatments. Just crossing the border into Mexico, you will find a lot of great quality clinics that offer dental treatments to all ages. Dental treatments in Tijuana are very inexpensive and of great quality.  


Detox Treatments in Tijuana

There are great clinics that offer Detox Treatments in Tijuana and neighboring cities. One very relevant is Sanoviv, in the Rosarito Municipality, just 30 minutes south of the border. Sanoviv offers great detox programs with a team of specialists that will take care of your detox treatment. It is located…



Directory of Medical Clinics in Tijuana, Baja California and surrounding cities like Rosarito Tecate and Ensenada. Tijuana has a growing medical tourism. Every day, hundreds of people cross the busiest border crossing of the world, from San Diego to Tijuana, to receive excellent medical services at affordable prices, offered by…